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How to brew stove top coffee from home!

  • By Honeybird Coffee

How to brew stove top coffee from home!

Making a delicious coffee at home doesn't have to be hard.
We have got a step by step guide to show you exaclty how to brew the most amazing stove top coffee using our Honeybird Coffee blends. 
An easy way to create a delicious cup of coffee from home! 
Percolator, Coffee, Water, Stove Top. 


  • Fill base with cold water to just below the relief valve. 
  • Fill basket with ground coffee loosely to the top and level. 
  • Screw brew chamber on top tightly. 
  • Brew on a low heat unti lit starts to gurgle, switch heat off and allow to rest for 2 minutes.
  • Drink neat or blend at a raio of 1/3 coffee to desired ratios of hot water or warm milk. 

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