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What is fresh coffee?

  • By Honeybird Coffee

What is fresh coffee?

What if I told you that coffee can actually be too fresh? 

When coffee is roasted, transformation occurs with the coffee beans. This chemical transformation creates gasses that are too volatile to enjoy drinking within 1 week from roasting. It is for this reason that we age our coffee in special silo's for exactly seven days. These silos release the perfect amount of gas while our beans rest at Honeybird HQ. This way when we package your beans, they are ready to drink immediately. 
Every time you squeeze your coffee bag and release delicious aroma from the one way valve, you're literally squeezing out freshness. This is because the one way valve maintains a specific pressure within the bag and since you have just squeezed out the delicious flavour bomb, the beans are now going to release more pressure to fill the void, that is until you squeeze it again, so stop it!  

When using your coffee, open your bag, use what you need and reseal the bag as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to remove as much oxygen from the bag as possible before resealing. Coffee like all other food can become stale from oxygen. 
Think about coffee beans like a silicon gel pack inside your shoe box, they are so dry that they are going to suck in moisture and flavours in the air surrounding them. So think about that the next time you fart in the kitchen. 

Storing our specialty coffee within sealed bags and buckets allows the coffee to retain the perfect amount of gas to produce delicious crema and flavour. 
While coffee can be enjoyed for up to 12 months, we are little bit extra here at Honeybird, and encourage you to store your coffee for no longer than six weeks. Once you crack the seal, we recommend consuming the entire bag within one week.  
So if you are a small user grab a 200g bag of locals blend. 
If you're like the rest of us and drink a proper amount of coffee, buying 1KG shouldn't be a problem. 
The good news is, you can buy 5KG from the same batch and enjoy it just the same over a period of 5 weeks. 
Why would you do this you ask? Any orders over $100 give you free shipping Australia Wide. There is logic in buying in bulk, without sacrificing the freshness of your coffee. Its a win win really. 

From here if you keep your coffee out of the sunlight and the temperature stable below 30 degrees, you are on the right track to keeping your coffee beans delicious and fresh.

And yes, keeping your coffee beans in the freezer does lock in freshness for longer storage, however in our experience, it is never as good as storing your coffee as stated above. 
Unless you're in Antarctica we do not recommend freezing coffee beans, as it can reduce vibrancy and flavour in your coffee.  
So the answer is freezing your coffee isn't better- only do this if you are cut off from the world.  

Long story short, store your coffee in the original packaging for up to six weeks, and once your coffee is opened consume within one. 
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