At Honeybird Coffee we provide a full service including both machine and grinder packages. Our packages are flexible to suit your needs and we offer outright purchase of machines, service/extended warranty, rentals and even trade-ins on your current machinery. Email us at accounts@honeybirdcoffee.com.au and we can provide you with a FREE sample pack of some of our most popular coffee beans.  .

Contract Roasting

With production capacity in excess of 3 ton per day, big or small, café or distributor, we are able to match a roast profile to your taste, implement custom packaging and develop a complete range of products to compliment your business. 


We are a team of passionate coffee professionals, with 10 years of hospitality experience we are able to educate, inspire and motivate you to create a memorable coffee experience. 


Honeybird Coffee have developed easy to follow training videos that will help you learn barista basics. Whether it be in a cafe or at home, these videos will help you tune up your barista skills. 


With weekly freight dispatch we promise to deliver within 5 working days of your order. 

Make a Statement at Your Coffee Shop with Our Specialty Wholesale Coffee

Whether you are starting a brand-new coffee shop or trying to take your existing café business to a new level, Honeybird Coffee can help by offering premium-quality wholesale coffee. Our belief is that great coffee should be available everywhere, and we push that mission forward by providing businesses with everything from wholesale roasted coffee to machine and grinder packages.

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Honeybird Offers Premium Roasted Blends as Wholesale Coffee Suppliers  

When you choose Honeybird Coffee as your wholesale coffee supplier, what can you expect? Whether you are working with us to order bulk coffee bean bags wholesale, getting in touch about our equipment packages or seeking a contract roaster, here are a few of the things we pledge to bring to the (coffee) table:

Major support. From individual buyers to independent cafes all the way up to coffee distributors trying to mint their own roasts and brands, we are here to offer help and support. We collaborate with you closely to make sure you get exactly what you need from a product. Even post-purchase, we’re there to help, whether that means setting up warranty service for your coffee grinders or training your team on how to brew our coffee just right.

Unparalleled coffee. Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee. We settle for nothing less than the best, delivering delicious, satisfying coffee roasts that you and your customers will want to drink every day.

Prompt delivery. Coffee beans are best when they are fresh — a fact that can discourage some buyers from purchasing organic coffee wholesale online. We have weekly freight dispatch, which allows us to dispatch within five to seven business days of your order. 

About Honeybird Coffee  

For the past years, Honeybird Coffee has been bringing true specialty coffee to cafes, supermarkets, small retailers and other businesses throughout Australia. Whether it’s a Honeybird-branded coffee or a roast we’ve developed on a contract basis for a customer, you can always count on us to deliver the kind of luxury, specialty coffee drinking experience that really kickstarts a terrific day. Contact us today to get started. 

Contact us to get started. 

Dazzle the Tastebuds with Premium Coffee Blends

What makes Honeybird Coffee such an ideal ally for your business? The short answer is that we help coffee businesses meet some of the industry’s biggest challenges head-on. Here are a few of the common problems we help our clients address:

Using the wrong equipment. Having the right equipment in your coffee shop is essential not only to the flavour and quality of the coffee you serve, but also to the overall efficiency and speed of your operations. Even great coffee can lose its greatness when exposed to poor equipment and we care too much about our coffee to let it be any less than perfect. For this reason, we regularly assist businesses in procuring the right equipment for their shops. We offer flexible packages to help you find, purchase, rent, service, repair or trade in your coffee machines and coffee grinders.

Spending too much on coffee. Buying coffee beans is a big part of the overhead expenses for any coffee shop. Finding a reliable supplier that sells coffee beans wholesale is a must, as it enables your business to save money on this core expense without cutting corners on quality or flavour. Our coffee delivers the rich, robust flavours of an upscale specialty coffee shop, but at affordable price points. Thus, we can help your coffee shop elevate its coffee game without breaking the bank.

Serving anonymous coffee. Remember: it’s not all about flavour. While customers are certainly looking for luscious, satisfying coffee flavours, they’re also looking for noteworthy brands that are easy to remember. Even if store-bought coffee tastes exactly the same as the coffee from your favourite coffee shop, you’ll probably prefer the coffee shop coffee, if only because of the hidden, mystical powers of strong branding. Fortunately, we can help you with that part of the equation as well. We aren’t only wholesale coffee suppliers, but also wholesale coffee roasters. With a massive production capacity, we have the bandwidth to take on ‘contract roasting’ projects with clients. We work with you to establish a roast profile and flavour to suit your tastes — or your customers’ demands. From there, we can even put together custom packaging, to give your coffee that identifiable branding that so many customers subconsciously want.