Tart blueberry and lemon fruits linger in the front palate, with a clean delicate body that moves to caramel, hazelnut and cream in the finish. SHOP NOW

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Welcome to Honeybird Coffee

Local Specialty Coffee Roasters and Tea Brewing specialists. 
We are passionate about creating quality products that are great for the environment. 
Our team is dedicated towards developing holistic solutions and partnerships with farmers at origin to support coffee production for future generations. 

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Tips for Getting More Value Out of Australian Roasted Coffee Beans

Here’s how you can get the most out of the coffee beans you buy from us:

  • Keep your coffee sealed and packed away until you’re going to use it and grind it yourself. The last thing you want is for your coffee to start losing its aromas and tastes. Grinding coffee exposes it to the elements, allowing moisture to cover more of the coffee’s surface area. Once this happens, the flavour starts to disappear. You can avoid this by buying our roasted coffee beans online that come in air-tight bags ready to be ground up whenever you want a delicious cup of coffee.

  • Make sure you have a coffee machine you trust. We offer a few coffee machines if you’re looking for one. Having an excellent coffee machine ensures that none of your beans goes to waste and that you get the most out of every batch.

  • Put in bulk orders for fresh roasted coffee beans online with your friends and family since we offer free shipping for any order over $100. Once you’ve experienced the coffee we offer, you’ll want to keep it all to yourself. Get your friends and family involved in a bulk order so you can enjoy your coffee for longer, with free shipping.

Additional Services We Offer if You Need Australian Roasted Coffee Beans

We offer a few additional services:

  • We provide an online bean finder! By indulging in a quick questionnaire, we’ll suggest the best beans for you. Do you like your coffee with some kick and only a dash of milk? Try our Morning Glory blend. Are you a fan of soy or almond milk alongside a bright and fruity taste? Try our Dark Lover blend. With us, you get an excellent match every time.

  • We offer an informative blog on our website. Whether you want to know how water can transform your coffee, or what exactly specialty coffee is, we provide easy-to-read pieces you can enjoy while indulging in one of our excellent blends. You’ll have great coffee, and you’ll learn a thing or two.

  • We provide our customers with a free training centre focusing on barista-quality service. Whether you want to know what brew ratios mean, how to tamp like a pro, or how to set up an electronic grinder, we can teach you how to make coffee like you were hired to do it.

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