Fill Your Home or Cafe with the Smell of Honeybird Specialty Coffee Beans

Wish you had the at-home luxury of that freshly-brewed coffee you find at your favourite café? We bring high-quality, specialty coffee beans to your doorstep with our online coffee and tea shop. We want you to experience the full aroma of Honeybird Coffee and teas, and we will provide you with all the support that you need to get it just right.


Get More Value out of Your Gourmet Coffee

To make the most of your coffee beans, there are a few steps that you’ll want to follow in pursuit of the perfect cuppa gourmet coffee:

  • Roasting. The medium or dark roast on your coffee packet indicates how long the beans have roasted. Our specialty gourmet range of coffee beans are expertly roasted to perfection, bringing out their rich flavour and enticing scent.
  • Grinding. The grinding machine that you choose will influence your coffee taste and method of brewing. Coarse or chunky grinds are perfect for use with a French press or for a cold brew where as a medium coarse grind is ideal for pour over coffee. A medium grind where it is almost the size of sea salt goes well with machine drip machines or a siphon whereas the finer grinds are designed for Moka Pots (Espresso) or Turkish Coffee pots. Learn more about why this is important for the prefect brew through our online training centre.
  • Brewing. You are finally ready to make your coffee. It is best to brew right after grinding, but you can also leave it for a day to rest. Choose from a French press (the easiest way), a percolator coffee pot, an espresso machine, or a stove mocha pot. Whichever method you prefer, you are just minutes away from the perfect Australian roasted coffee.


The Benefits of Buying Coffee Online

Gone are the days when you could only buy specialty coffee beans at the warehouse or directly from a grower. We bring high-quality Honeybird Coffee beans to you through a convenient online shop. You unlock:

  • As you browse our shop, you will see a variety of different coffee roasts and flavours as well as other beverages. Try something new with matcha, beetroot, or a gourmet chocolate drink or opt for green tea, chamomile, or chai for a changeup.
  • Along with the convenience of coffee beans that arrive right at your door, we provide you with support and online training regarding coffee-making at home. To take your coffee-making skills further, we also sell and rent machines for grinding and brewing coffee to perfection.


Why Trust Us Regarding Gourmet Coffee?

We have been whiffing and tasting coffee and tea for over eight years. We produce only top-quality coffee, so you don’t have to go around from shop to shop to find it. Contact us or shop online to receive specialty coffee beans and any advice that you need to start the art of roasting, grinding, and brewing your cup as a true barista would.