Cocoa & Chai

Cocoa & Chai

Brew Your Own Chai Latte

If you love freshly-brewed coffee or chai latte as much as we do, you will enjoy the beautiful flavour combination of our chai teas. We offer a variety of chai teas so that you can get the perfect cafe-style chai tea at home


Tips Regarding Vanilla Chai Latte

It is essential that you learn how to make chai tea to get the most out of our offerings. We can provide you with chai spice, vanilla latte, or sticky chai mixes, but the rest is up to you. Here is our advice on how to make the best cup of chai at home:

  • Know your tea. We know that it can be hard to find loose leaf chai tea, never mind the effort to make it from scratch, which is why we provide you with an easy way to access chai tea powder that’s ready for you to use. You don’t need to strain or soak the tea—simply use our spicy vanilla chai latte powder.
  • Making the tea. Mix your Honeybird Coffee chai tea spice with heated milk and enjoy. Most people enjoy chai tea with milk for a comforting drink on cold, rainy days or a cheer-up in the summer.
  • Different uses. You can use our chai tea products in baking or flavouring other drinks, too—the possibilities are endless. We even offer a vegan chai latte option with no compromise in flavour. As a final touch, you can add honey to your chai tea, or you can opt for our Sticky Chai for a sweeter taste.


We want you to share our passion for warm, comforting beverages. That’s why we’ll be glad to send you a free sample, to our wholesale customers, of our Honeybird coffee when you email us.


Related Services We Provide to Chai Teas

There is nothing as convincing as the smell of coffee to lure you into a street-side café. What if we told you that we could help you to make that delectable coffee in your own home? What we offer:

  • Luxury coffee. We have a variety of different coffee blends available in our online shop and with stockists throughout Australia. Whether you prefer Morning Glory, Velvet Assassin, or a full-flavoured Decaf, we bring luxury and an enriched taste to your kitchen.
  • The benefit of shopping online is that you get to be excited about your purchase twice. When your Honeybird products arrive, you will want to enjoy the sweet taste right away. We want you to have the best possible coffee experience, which is why we provide online training and support via email or phone to make sure that your roasting, grinding, and brewing results in the perfect coffee.
  • Extra products. We all love variety and deviation sometimes, which is why we provide you with other options if the aroma of our coffee is just too intoxicating for you to enjoy all day. We bring you a variety of teas such as masala, lemongrass, earl grey, rooibos, and berry tea to complete your taste collection.


About Honeybird Coffee

Preparing coffee and tea should be a sensory experience, not just pouring boiling water into a cup. We want you to benefit from the full experience of Honeybird Coffee, which is why we provide you with online support and training on how to roast and grind your own coffee. Get the experience-in-a -cup that we want to share with you. We rent and sell coffee machinery as well if you need the right equipment for the job. Contact us for your daily fix.