Swiss Water Decaf 250g



Purchase in 250g - Individual Bags - Select whole beans and/or ground to your preference.

NOTE: every bag can be ground differently and incurs a grinding charge of $1.25.

Swiss Water Decaf process removes 99.9% of caffeine the process uses the elements of water, temperature and time to create most intriguing chemical free decaf coffee. A bright clean cup, smooth sweet malt upfront with balanced spritzy lemon acidity moving into a long finish of cream caramel. Enjoy with or without milk.

We select our nectar carefully.

All freshly roasted coffee is best ground on demand as you are using it, please check out our professional grinder range to enhance your Honeybird experience.


This product is sourced and produced with a strong focus on social and environmental ethics. Honeybird coffee is a team of coffee professionals dedicated to delivering consistent, delicious, and desirable coffee. How? With closely controlled roasting of expertly sourced beans, we deliver 'The cup of awesomeness' - the cup with the right stuff, when you need it.



Preheat portafilter. Fill with 20g ground coffee. Tamp with 15kg of pressure smooth and level. Extract 40g brewed espresso in 25 – 35 seconds. To extract faster, grind coffee coarser. To extract slower, grind coffee finer. Blend with steamed milk (60°) and serve.

Detailed training videos can be found on our website training page to help you get the most out of your espresso product and machinery.


STOVE-TOP use espresso grind

Fill base with cold water to just below relief valve. Fill basket with ground coffee loosely to top and level. Screw brew chamber on top tightly. Brew on a low heat until it starts to gurgle, switch heat off and allow to rest for 2 minutes. Drink neat or blend at a ratio of 1/3 coffee to desired ratios of hot water (94°) or warm milk (60°).


PLUNGER best ground coarse, for a more intense cup, grind finer.

Preheat plunger by filling with boiling water, assemble, and then empty. Add 1tbls of ground coffee per cup. Add the required number of cups of slightly cooled boiled water (94°) then gently stir to mix the grounds. Replace lid, allow to brew for 4 minutes, before slowly depressing the plunger. Drink neat or add milk to taste.


COLD DRIP Brew Ratio: 1:15 | coffee:water | e.g. 20g coffee will use 300ml of water.

Place the cold drip's mesh filter in the bottom of the central chamber of your cold drip tower. Place the desired amount of freshly ground coffee in to the central chamber. Place a wet paper filter on top of the coffee grounds.  Fill the top chamber with the desired amount of filtered cold water. Place the bottom chamber in place to catch the dripping. Turn the little tap so that it is dripping 1 drip per second. For a richer cup play with your drip rate, try 1 drip every 3 seconds. Check the flow periodically to ensure that the drip rate remains consistent until brewing is complete.


For Aeropress, Pour Over, and other Coffee preparations, please consult the apparatus manufacturers recommendations. We have baseline grind settings if your order pre-ground coffee, but for best results, grind fresh every time and experiment with your recipes to make it how you like it.


Tips for brewing and storing great Coffee 

  • Use a scale when you brew for accuracy.
  • Use a temperature controlled kettle when heating water.
  • Use a thermometer to measure temperatures.
  • Use a timer when brewing.
  • Grind coffee as you go.
  • Store coffee in a dark cool stable climate.