Dark Lover

$13.49 $35.00

Coffee Beans or Ground - Dark Lover

Purchase in 1kg or 250g - Individual Bags - Select whole beans and/or ground to your preference.

NOTE: every kilo can be ground differently and incurs a grinding charge of $5 per kilo.

Luxurious, sensual and long lasting - Intense creamy body. Low acidity. Cherry and dark chocolate with toasted almonds and toffee. Brilliant milk based drink.

We select our nectar carefully.

All freshly roasted coffee is best ground on demand as you are using it, please check out our professional grinder range to enhance your Honeybird experience.


This product is sourced and produced with a strong focus on social and environmental ethics. Honeybird coffee is a team of coffee professionals dedicated to delivering consistent, delicious, and desirable coffee. How? With closely controlled roasting of expertly sourced beans, we deliver 'The cup of awesomeness' - the cup with the right stuff, when you need it.