Brewista Ratio Scale


The Ratio Scale is a brewing tool from Brewista. It helps you calculate the water needed for pour over coffee based on the amount of coffee grounds used. With an Auto Mode and a Manual Mode, the Ratio Scale is simple to use and the coffee-to-water ratio settings are easily adjustable. This scale is unlike any other scale on the market -- it is not intended to be used for simple weighing and taring. Instead, Brewista has designed the Ratio Scale as a tool to help those who wish to perfect their brew ratios for pour over.

Two timing bars on the LCD Display show the desired pour rate and the actual pour rate, which helps the user pace their pour. This feature makes the Ratio Scale a perfect training tool for baristas and lovers of coffee who want to perfect their pour over. Check out the video below to see the Ratio Scale in action.


- Auto Mode and Manual Mode
- Dual timing bars which help set the pour rate
- Adjustable water-to-coffee ratios
- Water resistant coating
- USB rechargeable battery
- Auto Timer, Tare & Off


- Scale
- Silicone Insulating Pad
- Clear protective Cover/Tray
- USB charging cable