Tips for the Best Ground Coffee Beans

There’s Nothing Quite Like Freshly Ground Coffee Beans

Whoever told you that coffee is just coffee has never had the pleasure of sampling a cup of pure heaven brewed from freshly ground coffee beans from Honeybird Coffee. From our beautiful aromas to our complex and unforgettable flavours, our diverse range of specialty coffee is sure to make a believer out of you.


The Benefits of Drinking Honeybird Ground Coffee

The benefits of drinking any one of our specialty coffees, whether you buy beans or ground coffee, will become apparent the moment the hot water goes into the mix, and the incredible aroma fills your kitchen, and your mouth begins to water in anticipation.

  • Our specialty ground coffees are the best of the best. We have carefully selected the best beans from some of the top growers in the world, and our finely tuned production and roasting process ensure that every sip is a sensational experience.
  • The sensibilities and tastes of coffee connoisseurs vary vastly, and our range of specialty coffees reflects the diversity that makes each person so unique.
  • You can enjoy our products with a clear conscience as we source all our coffee beans ethically per our strict policy of environmental and social responsibility.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Pre-Ground Coffee

It may not be common knowledge, but coffee can spoil or go stale, just like nearly any other product. There are several factors to take into account regarding the storage and preparation of your favourite hot - or cold - beverage.

  • There is no disputing that our pre-ground coffee is a superior product, but the best coffee will always be freshly ground. Coffee beans contain water-soluble oils filled with flavour. These diminish as stored ground coffee is exposed to moisture. Whole beans keep the flavour intact.
  • The proper storage of your coffee, whether pre-ground or not is essential. Your morning brew can, like most other stored foods, become contaminated with other flavours such as garlic or onion. We recommend storing it out of sunlight and below 30 degrees.
  • You might be surprised to find that your choice of water can have a considerable impact on the taste of your freshly ground coffee. There are up to 50 different chemicals in tap water in Australia, for health and purification reasons. We recommend only the purest H2o for the best morning brew.


About Honeybird Freshly Ground Coffee

We have been tantalising taste buds with our exceptional range of specialty coffees for the past eight years, supplying our favourite morning brew to cafés, supermarkets and some select retailers across Australia.

Our coffee beans are the cream of the crop, responsibly sourced from some of the top growers in the world, and our finely controlled roasting and production process mean that you get a taste of heaven in every cup.

In addition to our range of specialty luxury coffees, we offer a wide selection of coffee brewing appliances, and we host a free online series of classes on how to brew the perfect cup of awesomeness.

Make Honeybird Coffee a staple in your household. Shop online today to place your order.