Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods

Get Your Fix With the Best Coffee Pods in Australia

Here at Honeybird Coffee, we may be best known for our luxury specialty coffee beans, but that does not, by any stretch of the imagination mean that we have lost touch with modernity – we have by far one of the best coffee pods in Australia. If you do not fancy yourself a bean grinder, do not fear. You can still enjoy your cup of Honeybird awesomeness, now also available in our convenient 30 pod bags.


The Benefits of Honeybird Biodegradable Coffee Capsules

Let’s be clear: this is not your run-of-the-mill instant coffee. Our coffees are way beyond the ordinary. Responsibly sourced from some of the top growers in the world, our coffees are sure to be one of the highlights of your day.

  • We source all our beans in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. We only buy from growers who implement ecologically friendly and sustainable farming methods and fair labour practices.
  • Our pods are fully Nespresso-compatible, and highly graded specialty coffee, giving you the same top quality, exceptional cup of morning brew as you would expect from us as one of the top coffee producers in Australia.
  • We’ve made sure that ours is one of the only 100% biodegradable coffee pods in Australia. Using cutting edge technology, we’ve harnessed plant-based materials to manufacture our pods - even the foil – meaning that you can throw your used pod in the bin with a clean conscience.


What Sets Honeybird Coffee’s Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Apart From Others?

We’ve already established that ours is among the best coffees you can buy in Australia today. Our absolute commitment to the outstanding quality of your favourite hot - or cold - beverage is and will remain our top priority.

  • Our coffee pods are available in two delicious flavours, and the packaging has recently been upgraded from packs of ten to packs of 30, meaning fewer dreaded trips to the shops to replenish your favourite brew.
  • Our pods are fully biodegradable and compostable and certified as such. Under the correct circumstances, your discarded coffee pod - including the foil - will completely break down into compost after ten weeks, leaving behind only biomass, CO2 and water.
  • Have we mentioned that ours is among the best Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules in Australia? Well, they are. Our pods contain specialty graded coffee with scores of 80 or higher - that’s high, just in case you were wondering.


About Honeybird Coffee

We’ve been producing our luxury brand of top specialty coffees for the past eight years, and during this time, we’ve built a reputation on our absolute commitment to excellence.

While we do not have control over your days, we can ensure an excellent start to each day with a morning brew that is just out of this world. If you’re tired of the ordinary and you want something exceptional, why don’t you try Honeybird Coffee? Your taste buds will thank you.

Shop online today to place your order and make Honeybird part of the family.