Magic Bogan Dust - Specialty Instant Coffee 200g


Specialty Instant Coffee 
Sustainably Sourced | Organic | Direct Trade 

Making delicious coffee doesn't need to be hard! Embrace your inner bogan and enjoy our magical instant coffee that doesn't just taste good, it is also organic and sustainably sourced. 

Our instant coffee can be enjoyed in the traditional bogan style, or you can jazz it up a little and drink this delicious brew as pour over, espresso or latte style, the opportunity is endless. 

Our Instant Coffee has been created for the adventurer, the office employee, the early riser and the hard working tradie. Our Magic Bogan Dust has been crafted specifically to add a little bit more fun and zest to your morning. Just like a unicorn, our Magic Bogan Dust is what dreams are made of, it is legendary and magical. 
Try it for yourself. You won't look back.