Honeybird Liquid Sugar Syrups

Honeybird Liquid Sugar Syrups

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We Can Help You Make The Best Coffee

Thoroughly tested in the field, our Honeybird Sugar syrups are specially formulated to work in all conditions and leave you and your customers satisfied.

They have the deep, robust natural flavour of real sugar that your customers know and love.

Whether you run a busy café, a pumping bar or restaurant, or manage a very busy social life at home,

Our sugars, syrups and shots will help you save precious time and money

No Stirring
Simply pump, pour and serve
No Mess
No spilled granules to clean up
No Waste
Measured pump application
Save Time
One pump equals one teaspoon sugar
Save Money
330 serves in 2L bottle

You can order online and we will deliver direct to your home or business.

*Pumps Sold Separately

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