BioPak Lids - Bioplastic (PLA) & Conventional Plastic (PS)

BioPak Lids - Bioplastic (PLA) & Conventional Plastic (PS)

Honeybird coffee

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From the BioPak website:

  • Designed and produced specifically for our BioCups. Strict quality control standards ensure critical tolerances are maintained, providing a leak free secure fit every time.
  • Our bioplastic lids are made from Ingeo™, an ingenious bioplastic made from rapidly renewable plant-based resources. The embodied CO2 emissions are 75% less than those of conventional plastic lids. They provide an option to divert waste from landfill wherever commercial compost facilities are available.
  • Our new and improved PS plastic lids are ergonomically designed to enhance your takeaway coffee experience. Available in black and white. We also have a white sipper lid with an extended, splll-free spout.
  • Our bioplastic cups and lids have a 12 month shelf life from date of purchase.
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