Iberital - New Iberital 2 Gr. High Group Black With Display

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  • Adjustment of the touchpanel settings.
  • Boiler capacity:
    2GR 10,5L (Optional 14L) / 3GR 20L.
  • Heating element:
    2GR 3.800W-5.000W / 3GR 5.000W-6.000W.
  • Front panel can be removed enabling easy access inside the machine.
  • Boiler drain tap is situated in the centre of the drip tray for easy drainage.
  • Automatic filling of boiler water.
  • 25A contactor.
  • Lever steam valves.
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet.
  • Automatic boiler fill.
  • Heating element protection device.
  • Work area L.E.D. lighting.
  • Internal motor and pump.
  • Magnetic Pump Motor (optional).
  • Dimensions:
    Iberital NEW IBERITAL 2GR: 783mm (Length) x 568mm (Depth) x 455mm (Height)
    Iberital NEW IBERIAL 3GR: 953mm (Length) x 568mm (Depth) x 455mm (Height)
  • Weight:
    Iberital NEW IBERITAL 2GR: 61 Kg
    Iberital NEW IBERITAL 3GR: 81 Kg


  • Memorises the number of coffees made:
    Memorises the number of coffees made. Storing them by dose.
  • Displays the stored name on the display while no coffee is being made.
  • The sensitivity of the level probe can be programmed according to the hardness of the water.
  • Programming of the language of the electronics system.
  • The display indicates the selection being made:
    1 espresso, 2 espressos, etc. …
  • Pre-infusion programming:
    With or without pre-infusion. For pre-infusions, the duration can be set.
  • Automatic programming of steam temperature (optional).
  • Brewing time:
    The display indicates the brewing time in seconds for the last two selections.
  • Weekly programming of switching on/off.
  • Programming of litres of water consumed.
  • Programming of date and time.
  • Programming of litres of water consumed:
    Purifier change/regeneration warning.
  • Programming of coffee doses and mixed of hot wáter (hot-cold). (Optional).
  • Programming of the unit’s automatic cleaning system.
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