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APPLICATION FOR A COMMERCIAL CREDIT ACCOUNT - Please ensure you fill-out and submit both sections.

Terms of payment are 10 days from MONTHS END

The Applicant hereby gives HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd permission to make whatever enquiries it considers relevant to establish the credit rating and financial responsibility of the Applicant, and to make these enquiries with a credit reporting agency. I/We agree that if the applicant herein is a company the directors of the company will sign guarantees, guaranteeing the performance of the company’s obligations.

I/We have read and accept the terms and conditions and hereby declare the particulars supplied with this application to be true and accurate and acknowledge having received a copy of the HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd terms and conditions of sale.

The signature(s) in the case of a partnership must be all partners. In the case of a company to be signed by a director or the company secretary under seal.

as Guarantor(s)

HEREBY personally guarantee the due payment by the Company to
HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd of the present and any future balance of debt payable by the Company to HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd according to terms agreed between the company and HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd.

2. This guarantee shall be a continuing guarantee to HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd irrespective of any sum or sums which at any time may be paid to or received by HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd for or on account of the Company and shall subject to paragraph 3 hereof remain in force until determined by notice in writing signed by (or in case of death, by my personal representative) and delivery to HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd, and such determination shall relate to future dealings only. I agree that my liability hereunder shall not be affected by change of constitution of the company notwithstanding any enactment to the payment or compounding any debt and that in order to give effect to this guarantee HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd shall be entitled to act as though I were a principal debtor and I hereby waive all and any of my rights as surety which at any time may be inconsistent with any of the provisions herein.

3. If any payment of money, conveyance or transfer of property or charge hereon made or given by the Company or its agents to HONEYBIRD COFFEE Pty Ltd in reduction of its indebtedness be later declared to be void as against any liquidator of the principal amount of the debt to the company which is hereby guaranteed by the guarantor shall include the amount of which credit has previously been given for such payment of money, conveyance or transfer of property or charge hereon which is declared void as against the liquidator and any discharge or partial discharge of the obligations of the guarantor hereunder whether by payment or by notice duly given shall be conditional upon no such declaration as aforesaid being made.

4. This guarantee and the agreements and obligations herein contained shall be binding upon me and my executors and administrators.

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