Scheduled Technical Service Date 2017

As you know from time to time your espresso equipment needs testing, tuning and/or replacing of many critical and consumable moving parts. As many of you are regional, and finding reliable service partners who carry out quality work on time difficult. To address your needs we are introducing our preventative maintenance 3 monthly service schedules that we invite you to tap into.

2017 Service Dates, Please indicate your interest for each set of dates.

MARCH 7/3/17 – 8/3/17
MAY 30/5/17 – 31/5/17
SEPTEMBER 5/9/17 – 6/9/17
DECEMBER 5/12/17 – 6/12/17

We have worked together with our service partners, Xtracted Espresso Solutions to secure special travel and call out rates by booking them exclusively for a 48 hour period every 3 months. By doing this we can offer you peace of mind on a fixed callout and hourly rate cost when they attend your place of business. Depending on how busy you are you may elect a 3 or 6 monthly cycle; you can opt into or out of services as you wish. We require 7 days’ notice of your intentions.

If you have elected an all-inclusive package with Cogent Solutions Group Pty Ltd, we are already across your needs and will just let you know when the tech is coming so we can try schedule it at a convenient time. All-inclusive packages do not incur charges as outlined below, but we do appreciate you notifying us immediately if something doesn’t seem right so we make sure adequate parts are on board and we schedule enough time for the visit.

Bookings are scheduled around a first in first served basis, given the travel required across country we trust that if our technician does need to attend during a normal service period by appointment, you understand that this minor inconvenience is far better than a reactive approach, where you could find yourself out of action for hours, or even days, if service items are left unattended.


Base Cost $160.00 plus GST

This includes the travel and call out and first hour of our technician attending. The technician will inspect and test the following items on each visit and is included in the base cost. Where repair or replacement is required, you will be able to discuss urgency, price and/or future scheduling directly with the technician so we can minimise business interruption and keep things running smoothly.

Drainage Inspection Steam wand nut, O-ring and spring
Group head Inspection Anti-vac valve
Hot water spout and valves Braided hoses
Pressure Gauge/Pump Pressure Control board
Pressure Stat/PID control Heating element
Touchpads – Test and reprogram Inlet water manifold &expansion valve
Grinder Dose and Extraction Rate Test and re-program Main power switch and wiring looms
Boiler water level probe Over pressure valve
Filter baskets Over-temp safety thermal reset
Group handles Panel and feet
Water level and sight glass Pump motor
Group head seals Solenoids function
Group head showers Steam or hot water brass pipes
Water filter Grinder burrs change & Grinder inspection
Steam tap valve Boiler inspection
Water pressure limiting valve  Flow meters

All parts required will be charged as separate line items at cost. Any work that runs over the first hour will be charged at $90.00 plus GST per hour in 15 min segments.


If you don’t elect to participate in this program, we can certainly attend to urgent repairs or book services as required.
Base Cost $250.00 plus GST. This is the charge our technician charges us to make visits anywhere regionally; this only includes call out and travel.

All parts will be charged as separate line items at cost. Any work will be charged at $90.00 plus GST per hour in 15 min segments starting from arrival at your business.

To Book a Service or Report a Fault you can use the form below. Tell us in the message section your preferred date and time. If your machine needs urgent repair then please call us on 0357 544896.